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Product Description: 80 x 20 x 80cm

Packing size: 90 x 30 x 90 cm

Product weight: 7.5kgs

Unit in Box : 1pc

The Protecteur as a 64 gunship as a matter of fact never existed!
It seems that the Paris (France) ‘Musée de la Marine’ 64 gunship model had been wrongfully named by the admiral Pâris, keeper of the museum at the end of the 19th Century. He thus christened this model with the help of a commentary written on a time register, but whithout checking the name’s truthfulness, especially regarding the ship’s armament. Well, a 64 gunship named Protecteur really existed; her building began under the direction of Noël POMET under the reign of the French king Louis XV, in 1757 in Toulon (harbour of the south of France), was launched on the 21st of May 1760 and sailed until 1789. She was furthermore commanded by Mr de Grasse Limermont and was part of the count of Estaing’s fleet during the Grenada campain on the 6th of July 1779.