Soleil Royal Painted

Handmade by skillful workers with different sizes for your choose

Product Description: 80 x 20 x 80cm

Packing size: 90 x 30 x 90 cm

Product weight: 7.5kgs

Unit in Box : 1pc

Soleil Royal Painted1

A symbol of grace and power, the French warship, Soliel Royal (Royal Sun) was built in Brest in 1669, during the reign of Louis XIV. With 104 guns, the Soliel Royal first demonstrated its firepower in 1692. On May 29, 1692, under the orders of  Admiral Tourville, she transformed. The sea of Cherbourg into a fiery bath of blood. During a twelve hour. Battle, a French squadron of 45 ships led by the Soliel Royal. Defeated 97 British and Dutch vessels. The Soliel Royal was beached. For repairs at Cherbourg. On June 1, 1692 Soliel Royal was set. Afire and destroyed by the British warship Blaze.